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What our clients say

“FIRST4TECH put in place a cost effective managed solution which has exceeded our expectations."
Shane Tout, Commercial Director
Besley & Copp Ltd

“Knowing help is a key stroke away takes a huge worry out of our everyday operations.
Paula Warke, Owner
Dart Rock Climbing Centre

“I would happily recommend FIRST4TECH to anyone.”
Ian Foster, Managing Director
System Six Kitchens Ltd

“FIRST4TECH obviously have vast knowledge and many years of experience. The engineers are down-to-earth and extremely helpful.
Gabi Boland, IT Helpdesk
fwdesign limited

“FIRST4TECH have proved themselves to be very professional, skilled and adaptive to our needs.”
Mike Jeptha, IT Manager
Wood&Wood Signs


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IT Support

What is important to you? Odds on its not having the latest and greatest piece of computer hardware or flashy software. What’s more likely is having a computer system that works well and functions as a reliable tool for your business without taking hours to support and at an affordable cost.

Our view on IT Support

When starting FIRST4TECH we were very aware that there were significant gaps in the IT services provided throughout the South West region. There were various experienced support companies offering high levels of support, but often their clients had to go through many tiers of assistance before reaching a solution - all the while eating into more and more of their pre-paid hours and prolonging the fault whilst at the same time never really building a relationship with the support team. Alternatively, there were one man bands whom their customers got to know well but who never really had the technical knowledge to progress their clients' companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build a trusting and friendly partnership with our clients whilst providing the highest technical levels of IT support. In fact, we are so confident in the level of support we provide that instead of offering our support using pre-purchased bundles of hours, we offer business IT support at a fixed cost with no time restrictions. 

We have always firmly believed that it is fundamentally wrong to charge a customer more for taking longer, or doing a bad job. It is very much in our interest to keep our client's managed IT services running smoothly.

IT Support the FIRST4TECH way

FIRST4TECH is a provider of premium IT support to companies such as yours in the South West, but we feel we provide a very different service to many of the existing IT companies in this area.

Simply tell us what you require and we will design a customised contract to cover all of your business IT support requirements.

This is where we feel we are offering something that most companies want. A contract cost that you can budget for over the year and yet pay for monthly rather than pre-purchasing ‘bundles’ of hours without knowing how much you will need each month.

In our existing customers' experience we have found that when purchasing bundles of support they are unwilling to ask questions that would help their business function effectively. Instead, they save support calls for major issues and day to day queries never get raised. We feel that with the IT solutions we offer, it's very much like having a high quality IT department working for you at all times - you can ask us questions on simple day to day functions as well as those annoying problems that occur from time to time.

With FIRST4TECH providing managed IT services, you can relax and run your business using IT solutions that enhance your companies productivity.