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Example Solution #2 - Multi-site business with remote office and roaming users

This second example shows a larger organisation spanning two sites with more demanding requirements from their IT usage. Through the use of multiple servers and more advanced networking, a high quality, low maintenance solution can be achieved. Below are some of the key features of this example:

  • All machines networked via 100Mb Ethernet switch
  • Domain Controller running Windows 2003 Server, offering centralised file storage with secure shared folders on fast and reliable hardware with native disk redundancy and tape backup
  • Additional Domain Controller running Windows 2003 Server, offering improved performance and redundancy
  • Group policy controlling workstation access, preventing both accidental and malicious damage
  • Terminal Services providing higher levels of application management, more efficient data access over low bandwidth, use of cheaper hardware solutions and better overall management
  • Thin Clients (Wyse Units). Low cost workstations with near zero management requirements
  • Shared access to printing resources as well as high quality shared multi function printing and scanning devices
  • Routed Internet access using SDSL broadband service
  • Internet access routed to all workstations with use of filters if required
  • Sites securely linked via an IPSEC VPN tunnel between firewall appliances on the end of each SDSL connection
  • Remote user access via VPN Client Application and dialup/ADSL connection
  • Microsoft Exchange providing centralised mail storage and calendar functions as well as remote access to email via a webmail interface
  • Full nightly backups of critical files and mail store to tape
  • Remote support (remote control facility of server and all workstations by FIRST4TECH Technical Consultants)

Example Solution #2 - Multi-site business with remote office and roaming users

Download full size PDF - network_diagram_ex2.pdf (383 KB)