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Shane Tout, Commercial Director
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Paula Warke, Owner
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“I would happily recommend FIRST4TECH to anyone.”
Ian Foster, Managing Director
System Six Kitchens Ltd

“FIRST4TECH obviously have vast knowledge and many years of experience. The engineers are down-to-earth and extremely helpful.
Gabi Boland, IT Helpdesk
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“FIRST4TECH have proved themselves to be very professional, skilled and adaptive to our needs.”
Mike Jeptha, IT Manager
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Internet Filtering and Open DNS

Keeping access to the internet safe and manageable for use in your business or at home can be difficult to achieve. There is a vast amount of adult material on the internet as well as the time eating social networking sites, and thats before we even start on the likes of chat systems such as MSN, ICQ and Skype! For most users this is very difficult to control and can also be very expensive.

There are a number of very good packages that can be purchased for high level control of internet access such as software produced by Burstek for business level internet access and also the likes of Net Nanny or CyberPatrol amongst many others for home use. All of these work very well but do involve purchasing subscriptions and applications like Burstek require a lot of configuration. So are there any other alternatives?

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New FIRST4TECH website using Squarespace

One of the first things I was tasked with back in 2007 when FIRST4TECH was founded was to create a company website. At that time I convinced myself that the best way to develop the site was in raw HTML/CSS code – to afford me greater flexibility and control. For the most part this worked out well, aside from the headaches and RSI!

Times have changed, website design has evolved and (like it or not) social networking is rife. So at the end of April 2009, we decided it was time to refresh both the design and content of our website. We wanted a cleaner, fresher look as well as updating the content now that have a few years of business under our belts and know what our existing customers appreciate most, and subsequently what sells our services effectively.

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Spotify the difference!

I remember the launch of things like Google Maps and the fun of discovering that yes, that actually IS the kids in the garden of your house with the tent up! Or from Microsoft, which to me demonstrated one of the most amazing uses of the internet that I had ever seen, even if you’re not into star gazing.

About a month ago I was sat watching Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’ and they were talking about online music. Although slightly distracted by Suzie Perry, I soon became aware of them talking about a new music streaming website called Spotify So the next day I took a visit and downloaded the client just selecting the free option to see what it was like.

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Windows 7 first impressions

As with many users, I took my time in upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista and once I had upgraded it took me quite a while to get to the point where I was happy running it on all of my systems. My major problem with Vista was you always got the feeling of a bloated system that seemed to eat memory and resources just to keep day to day applications running - I would find myself staring at my PC when it was sat doing next to nothing wondering why the hard disk was running flat out!

A couple of months ago I got our regular news update from Microsoft Technet announcing the Beta of Windows 7 was available for download. My first reaction was the usual...uh we go again! But on further research around the net something strange was happening, people were actually saying nice things about a new Microsoft OS! So what the hell, time for a rebuild!

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