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New FIRST4TECH website using Squarespace

One of the first things I was tasked with back in 2007 when FIRST4TECH was founded was to create a company website. At that time I convinced myself that the best way to develop the site was in raw HTML/CSS code – to afford me greater flexibility and control. For the most part this worked out well, aside from the headaches and RSI!

Times have changed, website design has evolved and (like it or not) social networking is rife. So at the end of April 2009, we decided it was time to refresh both the design and content of our website. We wanted a cleaner, fresher look as well as updating the content now that have a few years of business under our belts and know what our existing customers appreciate most, and subsequently what sells our services effectively.

It was clear the site needed starting over, but I was loathed to painstakingly piece together each element of the design again by hand, in notepad! I was also fairly unimpressed with the commercial web design applications available, and was unable to find an online ‘WYSIWYG’ editor that offered enough design control so your site didn’t end up looking like it was produced by a monkey using one of those Microsoft split-in-half ergonomic keyboards.... and a joystick!

Then I found out about Squarespace. Squarespace is a fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio, featuring dozens of professionally designed and customisable templates, a powerful inline editor and extensive analytics tools. Dont worry, I’m not on commission - I’m just completely blown away with the Squarespace platform. Check out their excellent Product Tour to see for yourself exactly what the platform offers.

Fast forward a bit, to the end of my 14 day free trial with Squarespace and I had already managed to create the basis of the design you see here, had a fully functional blog and was able to create and publish pages of content with ease. Even Jamie could probably have created some of the pages! Ok maybe not, but it was quickly apparent just how powerful a tool this was. Modifying the size, colour or position of any element of the site was a simple case of using a slider, colour picker or dragging a box – no need to mess about with CSS styles and DIV tags. I hope you like the new look of our website. Squarespace has made such an impact I’ve realised that despite not being a designer, with such powerful website design and layout tools, an astounding user interface and superb hosting options, we now offer specialist website design based purely on using the Squarespace platform. I’m able to create professional looking websites that once design complete, can be handed back to our customers to easily publish and update content as and when they need to.

Now all I need is an interface to configure servers using nothing but a Wii balance board and a nunchuck! :)

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August 24, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBuenos Aires Apartments
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